Too tidy

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Date: 07 May 2003 20:28:00

The problem with having our house valued is the degree of tidiness to which it must be kept. I always aspired to be someone who could have a tidy house and keep it that way, but I am realising now that I just don't work like that. The song for today sort of ties in with these ideas, well at least the title does, so without much further ado, we progress to...

May 7th: All This Useless Beauty.

This choice will surprise some people, as they know that it is one of my top complained about songs list, because of its largely impenetrable lyrics, I really chose it because the title fitted, so that answers that. It was written by Elvis Costello, who had aspired for some time to write a song that a certain lady would deem worthy of recording. That certain lady being June Tabor. (Sorry the official pages are not online at the moment.) Record it she did, on the album 'Angel Tiger'. Although far from the best songs she sings, it is still a bit of a showcase piece. Elvis later recorded an album of songs he'd written for others called 'All This Useless Beauty', sadly (but predictably) his version is not a patch on Aunty June's (as she is inexplicably known in our household).

There's not much more I can say about the song, but do seek out June Tabor recordings, they are always worth further investigation, especially her recordings of songs written by Maggie Holland. And if you ever get chance to see her live, go go go!

Well that's enough from me, time to go and eat dinner, then wash up and wipe down the surfaces...