fiddlesticks and flapdoodle

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Date: 12 May 2003 00:19:00

11th May Ging Gang Goolie.

This is really just an example of a type of song that I wanted to highlight today - those that mean absolute twaddle, yet are sung with great earnest around the campfire. Is it a fear of having any real emotion or reality if actual words and sentences are used? Is complete jibberish supposed to be more fun? Even the ones that do string together often mean nothing, "Have you ever ever ever in your knock kneed life met a long legged sailor with a bow legged wife?" I ask you. Ging Gang Goolie has a semblance of an excuse, Lord Baden Powell, founder of the boy scout movement wrote the song himself as a way to overcome the language barriers of his worldwide movement whilst still enjoying a good, clean campfire knees up. Sometime later, a story was attached to the words. Maybe the worldwide church could learn something from this attempt? Singing complete twaddle in the name of Jesus? Nah, it'd never work...

One of these songs I do have sympathy for this weekend however is "You can't put your muck in our dustbin", having had the skip we hired used for the purposes of others, hmmm maybe there's sense in these songs somehow after all...