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Date: 13 May 2003 18:15:00











(and obviously reduction)

Andy: what word(s) were you thinking of? (tell me later if it's too rude to go on here)

May 13th Mr Tambourine Man

OK, what do we know about this one? Written by Bob Dylan in 1964, and played by the same around festivals that year (Including the Newport folk festival), this wasn't recorded until May 1965, and then it wasn't Dylan, it was The Byrds. Well actually it was mostly session musicians, as that was the thing at the time, but little matter, it kicked off a new career direction for the band, and also folk rock for everyone else. Although I'm more of a fan of British folk rock, I love this song. It is kind of Dylan lite, having had verses removed for the sake of pop simplicity, but that really does it a favour. Dylan himself liked it, so I'm in good company. As for the lyrics, and the drug references, well Dylan claims that it was actually about a guy with a big tambourine, which is about as convincing as John Lennon saying that 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' was inspired by a picture his son drew at nursery. Although Bob did record the song later, the Byrds version still remains the definitive for most. And I for one am very glad that the dancing spell was cast my way, and I didn't wait long for my boot heels to be following. A word of warning, although it makes this all link together slightly more pleasingly, don't listen to this. Or this. Perhaps the title of this blog needs explaining? I'm tempted not to, because it possibly only makes sense in my mind. This link and this one may help though, if you're that desparate to see into my psyche.