Barking up the right tree

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Tags: music, Alan Rickman, June Tabor, Les Barker, Eliza Carthy

Date: 16 May 2003 03:18:00

Nelly, thanks for the suggestion, The most I know about Jeff Buckley is that his dad had lovely hair, and that both father and son had voices one has to have acquired a taste for, they were great lyrics though, and I was inspired to look up the rest of them.

The rather tenuous link to todays song fom that is that this one probably needs an aquired taste in humour.

May 15th: Everything Glows.

I need to take you back to Tuesday night, when you may or may not have been watching the BBC drama 'The Day Britain Stopped' (if not you can catch it here, you probably need broadband to download it and a spare 90 minutes to watch it though). It was a fictional account of gridlocked traffic leading to an air disaster, and was set on the 19th December 2003. I don't know if you know where you'll be on that date, but I certainly hope I'm not in gridlocked traffic, because Les Barker is playing Pontardawe, and I hope to be there. In an ideal world, Les would need no introduction this would have 2 main advantages, firstly, his work would be more widely known and secondly, I wouldn't have to introduce him here. Have a look around his site, you'll maybe get the idea. To appreciate this man fully, you need to see him live. some words to describe him come to mind... cardigans... dogs... trained as an accountant... Mrs Ackroyd... I've lost my camoflage net... but nothing can really prepare anyone for this bloke standing on a stage reading a poem from a book and making you laugh so much it hurts. Everything Glows has been recorded by Eliza Carthy and as with all of Les' more musical pieces is sung dead straight. The other main musical piece worthy of mention is 'The January June' written about June Tabor (see also May 7th entry) to the tune of 'January Man' (not to be confused with this film - one of the few films with Alan Rickman in that I haven't seen). Les writes mainly poems not set to music, some serious too. A few people out there consider him a far more worthy poet laureate than the present lemsip addicted incumbent, I think I may join them.