Up too late...

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Tags: music, Tolkien, C S Lewis

Date: 18 May 2003 07:50:00

Having just finished watching the results and the discussion of that therein of the nations 100 most loved books, I find myself coming rather late to this wiblog. So, a short one again, and a literary one at that.

May 17th: The Man in the Moon Stayed Up Too Late.

A song with no audible tune, but definitely a song, as it is described as such in what I hope you will now have guessed, if not known to be 'The Fellowship of The Ring' by JRR Tolkien. The tune does play in your head quite well as you read the words though. The song was not brought out in the film, neither was the very tuneful character of Tom Bombadil, I was initially disappointed at these cuts, but in hindsight am glad they were made. Tom Bombadil, and the more fairytale aspects of the books work better in the mind than on celluloid. It is in these words that you can see the meeting of minds between Tolkien and Lewis. (Lewis got my vote, and was in the top 100 although not with the book I voted for.) Perhaps reading is a very private pleasure that you don't let others in on very often - I'll keep you posted on the fate of a bookclub I'm joining... Also I may have some more to say about that top 100 list when I have properly digested it, and read a few more of the preciousss treasures that lie within, golum...ssss