3 year olds and toy dolls...?

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Tags: music, childhood

Date: 19 May 2003 03:17:00

May 18th: Nelly The Elephant.

This should by all rights be my party piece. According to my mum I was apparantly a silent child at playgroup, uttering hardly a word to anyone, until one day I tapped one of the leaders on the arm and said "I know all the words to Nelly the Elephant!" Then proceeded to stand on a chair and sing it. My personal comic timing has never been bettered. As I say, it should be my party piece - if only I were as confident about my singing abilities or as good at remembering words as when I was 3!

Also I can't let this entry go by without mentioning one of my earliest Top of the Pops memories, I reckon I'd have been about 6 when The Toy Dolls were swinging their guitars around and singing this in a mock-punk style. I remember nothing else of the single, but that much has burned itself on my memory in a very uncanny way.