Who Ate All The Pi?

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Tags: music, Tom Lehrer, weebl and bob, games

Date: 20 May 2003 05:46:00

(Answer later)

According to posts on the bulletin board, I can indeed feel smug to have eaten the pie in 15 bites. It's a reasonably mathematical solution, which brings me to today's song...

May 19th: New Math.

A song from the sublime Tom Lehrer, an individual who's extraordinary intelligence took him from child genius through the ranks of academia to a spot of writing/performing some of the sharpest musical satire this world will ever know, and then to life as a virtual recluse. Although the years have not been kind to the satirical edge of a lot of Lehrer's work, a good number are still making many people laugh out loud today. New Math is one of these, and if you haven't heard of this, then you may be more familiar with Poisining Pigeons in the Park or The Elements. Worth checking out also are Who's Next, and National Brotherhood Week. Well Rhys introduced me to Tom Lehrer about 7 years ago, so I thought it was time to pass on this very worthy recommendation.

The answer to the question, by the way - well I can't prove anything, but I have found 2 very suspicious looking characters. Have fun.