Finding faith and common ground

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Tags: music, morris dancing, Angers, Dar Williams, school

Date: 21 May 2003 01:13:00

Life is so full of co-incidence sometimes.

May 20th: The Christians and the Pagans.

Some time ago, whilst on a French Exchange trip I got talking to the person I was sat next to on the bus, and we discovered many common interests and a similar sense of humour. Our friendship was sealed that week, whilst stuck in Angers in the rain, on half day closing. We had just been on a guided tour of some tapestries depicting scenes from Revelation. During that week we had learned that not only were we both Christians, but that we also both had morris dancers for fathers. Our friendship continued until too many different addresses at university meant we lost touch. Then last year we met up again, with the help of the obvious place to look for lost schoolfriends and discovered a shared liking for Dar. Strange how these things happen, but there we are, as my minister once told me - "People tell me it's a small world, I tell them it's a big family". 'The Christians and the Pagans' is a song I liked from the first listen (thanks Ness). I'm sure there's a big meaningful message in there somewhere, but that's not what the song is about, just listen. And enjoy.