I can see clearly now...

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Date: 27 January 2003 17:05:00

A friend pointed out to Rhys and I that 'wiping windows' would have meant something completely different 15 years ago - being able to see your garden better or something. Unfortunately its 2003 meaning was more appropriate to our situation this weekend, which saw Rhys slaving away for hours re-installing windows and linux.
Which (hurrah) means that I am now also able to add confirmation to the recent '6 wibloggers in a room' tale. It was a cracking party, cheers guys.
Today will see me continuing in my endeavors to tape 30 seconds each of the 10 most popular soaps, in aid of a quiz at church youth group tonight. Thrilling. Crossroads is dire - when 'Madge from Neighbours' is your best actor, you should know you've a few problems on your hands... but apparantly not, I'll give it 8 months.