An unlikely suggestion...

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Date: 29 January 2003 23:53:00

There are now so many wibloggers in our church we could start a working group... (only joking)

Is this the highest concentration of wibloggers in one church? Will this have an effect akin to osmosis in surrounding places of worship? Will the entire of Swansea be swept up in a hysterical surge of blogging? Who knows? Who cares? Find out in the next thrilling update!

There is an ill wind around these parts today. It took our recycling bin and contents across the front lawn this morning.

Talking of winds, I watched The English Patient again the other day and I still can't work out what people see in Colin Firth (If you want to follow that train of thought, watch the film).

Minor exciting moment in my week was Tucker returning to Grange Hill - for one episode only unfortunatly, but the line of the episode had to go to the Year 7 bully: "This isn't Hogwarts you know!" - it appears that in Grange Hill, even the school thugs read Harry Potter.

And in late June, it appears that even the delinquents on "Rownd-a-Rownd" will be able to use the boy wizard as ammunition. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone will be available in Welsh, just days after Book 5 is released. (I wonder how many Amazon couriers are booking that day off for fear of breaking their backs with the weight of the mailbags?). Personally I can't actually wait for the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I will never tire of kids fiction.