Griffindor win the match!

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Date: 06 February 2003 17:44:00

Sorry, but I have been trying to get my X-Box to come out with that phrase for 2 weeks now, and it finally did! Yes I am so hopeless with games consoles that I buy kids games for the challenge. I now have to battle the spiders, but they're freaking me out, so I can't do it very easily, which means they keep winning. Nessa, NEVER play this game!

Whilst looking after Soo's youngest yesterday, I decided to entertain him with 'Tikkabilla', a great kids TV programme which is as close to Playschool as we will get these days (does anyone happen to know if one of the presenters is the same guy off of the 'desert detectives' video from last years Scripture Union Holiday Club?). Anyway they did a 5 minute song about 'opposites' which was actually quite good, or maybe I'm just easily entertained, they did all the usual - up and down fast and slow etc. but also included 'why' and 'because'. Now that seems a bit deep for kids TV, I'd certainly never considered them to be opposites before. Maybe just me.

Soo and I watched my favourite film last night (Truly Madly Deeply), her considered opinion was "it was alright" and that the wonderful Michael Maloney looked like Jeffrey from Hi-Di-Hi, but without the weak chin. Pah, I'll savour Mr Rickman on my own next time!

Chock-a-girl checking out.