Still playing Quidditch

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Date: 10 February 2003 18:25:00

I hate Malfoy more than ever now. Thank goodness for fictional characters - so good at soaking up all that hatred otherwise directed at real people.
Am currently trying to lose some weight, which has seen me this morning actually weighing ot the recommended portion sizes of Frosties and milk, so I could see what it looked like - way too much milk - and I still don't know how many calories it was, because I used skimmed milk and not semi-skimmed. So why do we always say calories when 99% of the time we mean kcal? (The other 1% being when we are burning peanuts impaled on dissection needles over bunsen burners in our first biology class.)
Wonderful documentary about Richard Thompson on BBC4 over the weekend, although it did seem to spend 3/4 of it's alloted hour explaining who he was. Couldn't beat for entertainment, however a conversation he had with an LA street vendor who asked why he had a guy following him with a camera - was he famous? "Not really," was his reply, "a sort of minor personality, a folk singer". Instant recognition spread over the vendor's face - "Oh, like Peter, Paul and Mary". "Yes," replied the ever modest Mr Thompson, "exactly that". I realise to fully appreciate the pure genius behind including this bit of footage, you do have to be familiar with Richard Thompson's entire back catalogue. This would not be a bad thing, but for RT lite, you could do worse than track down 'Now Be Thankful', "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and "Tear Stained Letter".
Right, must go and make a huge fruit salad, to provide something to stave off the chocolate cravings for another week.