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Date: 16 February 2003 03:27:00

Rhys and I have been working on our church magazine all afternoon. It got to the point of hilarity by the end, one day we will have to do a limited edition run of the directors cut. I'm sure our friends would appreciate it, if not, we would.

All that meant we didn't get time to go and check out our new local Borders store before it closed. Oh well, we'll make it there someday.

I'm currently reading Terry Pratchett's 'The Last Hero'. It is very entertaining, and a return to form for Mr Pratchett, but I am becoming insanely jealous of Paul Kidby's artwork. Especially as I just had to re-do the cover of the aforementioned magazine, as a proof-reader who shall remain nameless commented that my leek looked like a spring onion (don't ask why I drew a leek on the cover - it seemed so fitting at the time).

Still haven't beaten Malfoy, am beginning to suspect I may have lost the will to suceed at that particular obstacle, but my inherited stubborn streak would predict differently. Many obstacles in my life are met with a struggle between total lethargy and sheer bloody-mindedness. Sometimes people think I am genuinely more complex than these two basic instincts, but in general I'm not.