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Date: 20 February 2003 18:58:00

Am now pretty much recovered, but the last few days have been rather given over to flu, which seems to have hit a large proportion of our friends too. Rhys has so far managed to escape it, which means he has been extra nice and very good at looking after me and providing hot Ribena at regular intervals. (I'm now progressing onto honeyed tea to sort out my sore throat, but he's good at making that too.)

Not a totally horrific time though, I've watched more really bad telly than usual, but Neighbours was better than ever with its season finale, nothing beats a really good wedding, and this one was well up to the standard of Drew and Libby and Scott and Charlene. Another good thing was some new pillows on my bed meant I had the best night's sleep in ages, should have got them sooner.

So this Borders Store in Fforestfach - 14th March is now the opening day, but not much more info from the recently-restored-after-a-long-unexplained-absence site (apart from the hilarious misspelling of Pontardulais Road as "Pontardululaid Road")

Well, must dash, meeting lots wibloggers and real people for lunch in town. Tarrarabit.