All I did was sniff too hard...

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Date: 25 February 2003 20:37:00

... and I got a 2 hour headache. I hate colds.

A book of strange poetry found its way to our doormat this morning. I blame Rhys although Rhys probably blames me, so that's fair.

Trying to decide whether £12.50 is worth the entrance fee for a 'Blue Tapestry' concert in Pontardawe. have seen most if not all musicians individually or in other groups at some time, so it could be very good, on the other hand Rhys and I have been witness to a couple of efforts of this type where the sum of the parts far outweighed the whole, and we wished we hadn't gone.

Well the washing up beckons, I must do something useful today really, although a surprising amount of by brain power at the moment is being concentrated on telling myself not to sniff...