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Date: 26 February 2003 17:22:00

Still coughing, but have managed not to sniff too hard again.

I've had a tune going round my head with odd words, my head does make up odd words from time to time, often independently of my conscience. Andy's comment can be blamed for these words though...

"Will ye go Harry, go?
And we'll all go together -
On a magical steam train
All around the burning heather"

Oh well.

Rhys and I have decided that Greenbelt is a must this year. We've been thinking of going for years now, but Karen's tip-off about Billy Bragg enticed us to look at the website and find that Waterson:Carthy and Kate Rusby are playing on the Friday night. So we'll be there. Thanks Karen.

Thanks also to Nessa who pointed out that Mr Barker has a poem you can listen to on his website. It wasn't there when I last looked (which was admittedly a while before yesterday when I linked it).

Having a TV memory is sometimes very useful and sometimes very amusing. The other night for example I was able to watch Grange Hill's "Hoppy" Hopwood admit to killing half of Coronation Street. I don't normally watch Coronation Street, this is what makes it all the more amusing when Nadia Popov makes an appearance. Don't get me started on EastEnders. Maybe that's why I watch Neighbours, people tend to become famous after appearing on there rather than before (with the exception of guest appearances from Clive James and Dereck Nimmo).

Well, must dash, toodle-pip folks!