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Date: 03 April 2003 17:15:00

It was time to archive.

I was woken from a dream this morning in which I was able to search my own thought processes by using 'Mental Google'. Will attempt to get some fresh air today.

Karen - much as I would enjoy your company in an aerobics session, the main reason I am able to keep going with the videos is that I can do them in my own time without having to leave the house. I have discovered that I am at a disadvantage in these things by not being able to hold my heel up behind my bum. Not something I would have ever considered to be a major evolutionary disadvantage, so I won't stress.

Our housegroup finally finished our study of Acts last night - we started in September 2001. Any suggestions on what to study next would be welcomed and possibly considered.

Well, must go, before my pot of tea begins to stew.

see ya