A Shortcut To Cacti

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Date: 04 April 2003 18:26:00

Despite what Rhys is suggesting, I feel it important for the rest of us lowly mortals to keep our chins up and our fingers on the keyboard at a time like this, and maybe some dullness will rub off on us (and hence make it less dull and more shiny and polished?).

I keep setting off the smoke detector by walking under it. I'm confused.

Latest Harold news - the gambling ladyfriend has confessed all. Harold is willing to forgive, but can she fully repent? His community play is not going well, causing him to burst forth with "I don't know about you, but I could do with a good, stiif herbal tea" A lesson to us all, I'm sure you'll agree. Also thanks to erinsborough.com it has now been confirmed that Harold's long lost grandaughter, Sky will be returning to the show later in the year. We last saw her over 10 years ago, so it should be interesting, rumours have it that she will be a rebel to suitably follow in her late mother's footsteps (her mother Kerry, fans will remember met her end by stepping in the gap between a bullet and a duck) So Harold will have yet another teenage tearaway on his hands, botheration.

According to Soo's eldest, I'm a hero. Soo herself is a giraffe (well she is quite tall), Daddy is a super horsey, and Rhys isn't an animal, he's a cannibal. Hmm. Nice cacti Andy. ;-)