No skeletons under the patio... Pity.

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Date: 16 April 2003 17:33:00

I'm a bit sore, but we demolished another 1/4 of the bandstand yesterday. The soreness is not helped that as I was walking rather stiffly downstairs this morning I slipped and did in the elbow that hadn't been done in yesterday when I fell backwards onto a trowel. At one point we were almost hoping to find a skeleton under the rubble, because that would at least mean the council would finish the job for us.

Apparantly according to breakfast news this morning we should be wearing sunscreen today, as the sun seems to be as fierce as it can be in August. I'm having lunch with friends today, so that's a good excuse not to be demolishing concrete, then updates may stall for a while as I'm at my parents house over Easter. (They do have a computer though, so I may enter into some foriegn correspondance.)

Why is it as soon as you make one big decision, 3 more come along? Reading anything into that last sentence will probably result in misinterpretation, so I'd ignore it if I were you.

Well if I don't update before, have a lovely Easter weekend everybody. And remember Fairport are the best band ever in the history of the world, and if you want to dispute this, both wibloggers with the surname Denham have kindly provided comment space on their logs.