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Date: 23 April 2003 17:37:00

I have not updated in so long, the week's holiday was far too relaxing, which was great, but I'm running to catch up on real life.

Quick rundown of holidays - went to see parents who live in lovely Midlands village where I grew up. Ate lots, also lost weight - go figure. Drove around in my parents' 1952 Morris Minor convertable, to a National Trust property where we had cream tea. Family over on Easter day, hunted for cream eggs. Church OK, if disorganised, and fiddle player looked like JK Rowling. Saw a few old friends, drank lots of wine, and played lots of very silly games.

Now back in Sunny (no, really) Swansea, with a half-demolished bandstand, a load of washing to do, and a life to sort out really. Someone else has some news, but I don't want to mention it until he does, although some of you know already.

Going to an All About Eve concert this weekend, sure they won't be as good as Fairport though.