Radio Treats

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Date: 25 April 2003 18:02:00

I am hopeless at actually listening to the radio, so I use the 'Listen Again' function on the computer quite often. Worthy of particular note this week are:

(1) Sandy Denny tribute on the Mike Harding programme on Radio 2
(thanks to Nanny for pointing out that one)
(2) Kate Rusby and John McCusker on Late Juntion - Radio 3 Thursday
(3) Richard Thompson on Andy Kershaw tonight - Radio 3 11:15.

I know I could technically listen to that last one live, but I really don't think I'll mange to keep the fact in my head all day.

It's finally raining like it means it in Swansea, on the day I'm going to meet friends for lunch, although we've decided to leave our garden demolition project to the elements for a few days, to see if it makes it any easier to shift when it brightens up again.

Oh, I haven't done a Harold update in a while, so lets see... he has got rid of his gambling ladyfriend, and is now getting very excited about his new dvd player, with the complimentary dvd - 'Showgirls' (he thinks it's an old musical). Will our faithful friend be fatally corrupted by the lure of new technological advances? Tune in daily at 1:45 and 5:35 - you know you want to.