So how do you defrost yours?

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Date: 28 April 2003 04:53:00

Spent this afternoon defrosting the freezer, strangely I seem to be the only person I know to think of using a hairdryer to do this. People are slightly shocked when I divulge my method of fast-defreeze. Maybe they think I am stupid enough to let the water drip into the hairdryer or something? Not only does it speed the process up wonderfully, but it also gives slight control over the direction the water is running, so you can do with a washing up bowl and a few towels.

Saw All About Eve last night, and their support band Karnataka. They were good, but not a patch on Fairport. Did like the use of rock tamborines in the support act, but All About Eve's aborted attempt to sing their only hit was perhaps a little bit amateur. Still a good evening, with good friends. As I commented as I poured my can of Worthingtons into my first plastic pint glass of the year - let the festival season begin.

Slight pause in my diet tonight, as I decided that the Easter egg in the fridge was just too tempting just, sat there, so I got it out of the way by eating it. I wasn't as co-ordinated in my TV viewing as Amanda, I was watching a programme about barges.