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Date: 02 January 2003 08:36:00

... Lemly has a wiblog. (Lemly for those of you who are not aware is Mrs Rhys (of Backburner fame).) A lot less computer literate, and 2 1/2 inches taller.
I don't think this fence thing in the background would hold together very well in real life, as it doesn't seem to have enough links in the wire wrapping around.
Rhys and I had a cocktail party last night, it was great fun and a big thank you to anyone who was there who might be reading this, because you were all brilliant (gush gush). We will be picking up little bits of confetti 'till 2004 I'm sure. Party bursters are great fun though, as were the sparklers.
To state any intentions for this wiblog would be too much like making New Years Resolutions, so I won't.
It's too late for Lemlys to be up really, so I'll remedy that now and snuggle up in bed with my Phillip Pullman book, which I'll probably read 1/2 a page of and fall asleep.