Not sure everybody needs them, but...

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Date: 03 January 2003 02:45:00

... when you've been watching them for over 15 years, good neighbours do become good friends. No I'm not a curtain twiching obsessive, but, well it'll come out someday, I am rather addicted to a certain daytime soap. Neighbours made its return from its Christmas break today, so I've become slightly easier to live with, even if I am dedicating slightly more time than usual to this site - in order to share opinions predictions and spoilers on the messageboard. I am rather worried about a few people on there though, no fewer than 5 people posted a happy new year message within 6 minutes of midnight the night before last, did they seriously have nothing better to do?

Thanks guys for the comments, don't expect very much from this wiblog once the novelty wears off, I get bored easily.

Got to look at the new years honours lists yesterday, am pleased Norma Waterson is joining her husband in those who get to dress up and meet the queen, though slightly bemused by Jasper Carrot OBE and Sir Ridley Scott (but then I hated Bladerunner).

There is still confetti everywhere, especially on the bottom of our shoes(?) we found loads under the sofa cusion, along with a teaspoon.

Rhys finally got round to (asking a friend to) changing the stylus on our record player the other day, does that mean he's hoping to make some New Year's Revolutions?