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Date: 04 January 2003 08:58:00

Rhys and I have just spent the last hour thinking of appropriate wordage to use on the 30 foot banner we and some of our friends are making to cover up a wall in the back of our church. It has lots of multicoloured feet on it which seemed like a good idea at the time, and now doesn't. Anyway we needed a bible verse which involved both feet and the good news, but the obvious one in Isiah was too long. In the end, many concordances later we found a Psalm verse which worked. Now all we need to do tomorrow morning is spend a couple of hours with 200 cut out outlines of feet from various members of the congregation and up to our elbows in poster paint.
Why is it whenever you get involved in something in church, it always without fail turns out to be more than you bargained for?
Anyhow, I have a Phillip Pulman dramatisation to look forward to tomorrow afternoon (thanks Karin), so it can't be all bad.