I closed my eyes...

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Date: 12 January 2003 01:22:00

... but I refrained from drawing back the curtain. Last night I dreamt that this stupid banner had been put up wrongly, so I had to go and find the Pastor, but it wasn't, it was Gandalf. then I was handing off a cliff somewhere in the northern regions of Middle Earth, then I was in Neighbours (talking to Libby about whether it was wise to move back in with her parents, if that maks any sense to anyone).
Surprised really I hadn't dreamed of Harry Potter as I spent most of yesterday trying to get him past some ghosts on a particularly difficult level on the XBox game. Today, I gave up on the ghosts and took him flying instead, he looked like he needed some fresh air, poor kid.
Anyway Ness, I consider myself chided. Sorry, it's been a busy if not very reportable week. Will do better next time ;)