the proof of the pudding...

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Date: 16 January 2003 00:22:00

... may be easier to work out than the proofs of the magazine. To unpack that statement a little I should say that I am editing this month's edition of our church magazine, and it was all going fine until I tried to decipher the comments of some of the proofreaders. Now I'd love to make a good job of it, honestly I would, but the handwriting and shorthand on a couple of them is entirely beyond me. Also comes in to question is whether to go with what I originally put together, or what someone else thinks would be better. Decisions stress me out, and I'm inclined to go with what other people think and compromise my own better judgement in some cases. Well, that's a career path that I won't be taking any hikes down anyway.

Am still 'Pottering' away on the Xbox. I'm currently trying to get the little blighter out of the dungeons without losing housepoints and then back to Hermione (who seems to be taskmistress extremis in this rather bizarre take on the plot of the book) and Ron in the girl's toilets (mmm savoury entertanment for the kiddies there).

And no, Wood, I'm not.