Still ill

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Date: 03 March 2003 20:05:00

although the Beechams Powders seem to be keeping it mostly at bay, much to Rhys' annoyance, as he is bullying me to visit the doctor, think he got worried last night when I coughed so much I threw up.

If anyone has seen my mobile phone, could you let me know. Oh, and don't try and call it - I'm fairly sure I last used it in the house, but it's gone missing.

Am cooking pancakes tonight with the church youth group, in practice for my Pancake Party tomorrow - which is in honour of my 27-year presence on this earth. Except I've spent so long rationalising to myself that I'm 27 tomorrow, that I keep thinking that I'm 27 already, and have to think really hard whether I'm actually going to be 28!

Still, things could be worse, I could be 30 this year.