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Date: 05 March 2003 07:47:00

...I saw that on a badge once that said 'I am 2'

I am apparantly three today. I have been told so several times by Soo's eldest, she even told my mom over the phone. Well I really am 24 years older than that, but that hardly excuses my 'senior moment' of the day; leaving a box of fishfingers on the windowsill in the downstairs loo where they were given time to defrost, while I got on with having a pancake party. We only noticed after people had gone, so if anyone saw them, but was too polite to say so, I commend you. I would not have been able to put aside the curiosity myself.

Rhys has put into action some changes in the Jones household telecom system, which means if you ring the number that used to work for downstairs, it now rings upstairs, but it's now ntl, rather than BT, just the same BT number. We now have an answerphone in the bedroom, but no phone, which may get slightly confusing. We'll see.

Well, I'll spend my last few minutes of birthday doing something other than writing a wiblog, I think, much as I love you all. And tomorrow, we need to buy more fish fingers.