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Date: 08 March 2003 21:09:00

I never thought I would have to explain Marmite, but our American cousins at Blogs 4 God have linked this Wiblog, along with others, along with the conjecture that most of my readership will not know of Marmite. Once I recovered from the abhorrent vision of a world without Marmite, I realised my duty to explain:

Marmite is a yeast extract, and a by-product of the beer-making process. It is extremely salty and bitter, and best eaten spread thinly on hot buttered toast (unless you have built up a tolerance like me, and then you can spread it slightly less thinly). It is the ultimate breakfast, snack, whatever. For some reason people occasionally don't like it, like my husband, that's OK, it means I get the whole jar. Australians claim to have an equivalent in Vegemite but we tried that, and it is very second rate.

The translation in American and British terminology appears to be one of my undiscovered-until-last-night skills (that and pea/bean separation, but we won't go into that) as at the church women's meeting we had an American evening and I got full marks in the American-English translation quiz and won a pin-badge. When asked the secret of my skill, I claimed it was having an American room-mate in my first year, and visiting America with her, but later realised it probably got far more to do with a TV diet of Friends and The Simpsons.

Church surveys are going slowly but surely into Excel, I hope they achieve something, after all this work.