Still sublime

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Date: 10 March 2003 19:17:00

Now I have moved onto a new level of sublime following a dip into my 'Imperial Teas of Lincoln' Treasure chest, I am now drinking an exquisite Assam, whilst listening to Iain Anderson's most excellent radio show (previously broadcast last Tuesday on Radio Scotland). Unfortunately I'm still inputting church surveys, otherwise life would be far more perfect. Still, pretty damn close.

Have been thinking about the state of modern Christian songwriting lately and while Andy is right that it has got itself into rather a sorry state, I'm not sure I agree with his reasons. Decent songwriters are very hard to come by, and ones that strike a chord with more than half of your average congregation are possibly an extinct species. Still, this is no excuse for the insipid dirges that are spread liberally over most Sunday services these days. OK rant over, must get back to the surveys.