Time to ring some changes

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Date: 11 March 2003 17:10:00

It seems that
the mighty may have fallen. Along with the imminent demise of Crossroads, (as predicted right here, with startling accuracy as long ago as Jan. 27th), Ned Flanders may lose his iconic status amongst us. So, who could fill the gap? Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you The Bishop! No, not that one silly, this one.

For anyone who has watched Neighbours at pretty much any point over the last 17 years, the character of Harold needs no introduction. With only a brief falter following the death of his wife (who latterly has been seen in the aforementioned Crossroads), Harold has stuck with his faith through thick and thin. His charity knows no bounds, he is currently in hospital recovering after donating a kidney. His commitment to the Salvation Army is legendary, and seems to have continued through the period where he thought he was 'Ted from Tasmania' (having fallen from a cliff in 1991 - to return in 1996). I can think of no better replacement for our lost brother Ned. Please join me in the campaign to elect Harold as our new media icon. It's out with "Hi-di-diddley-do" and in with "Aah"

In other news, whilst Swansea seems to contain a disproportionate amount of Wibloggers, it seems that the no. 17 bus contains a disproportionate amount of evangelical Christians. I was unashamedly eavesdropping into a conversation yesterday (on my way to lose at LaserZone against a bunch of 10 year olds) between two guys so fired up for God you'd have to be careful with a naked flame within 10 feet of them. In an uncharacteristic moment I thanked them for their unintentional transport evangelism when we reached our destination. I am in rather less of a mood about the state of Christian music than I was this time yesterday - So if either of you read this, thanks again guys.