Signs and Wonders

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Date: 14 March 2003 18:28:00

Not sure what's going on at the moment, but a total of 5 lightbulbs have blown in out house over the last few days. We went out last night and upon returning, Rhys attempted to switch on one of the dead lights in the living room. He then commented "Oh, still not working. Never mind" This grasp of reality is quite worrying for an electrical engineer, he probably thinks lightbulbs are changed and collected by magic pixies or something - I daren't ask.

Whether bulbs going can be counted as 'Portents of doom', I'm not sure, but B3TA are running a Photoshop competition with that title. Some of the entries are a bit sick/tasteless, but I did laugh at this one.

As Rhys pointed out yesterday, Comic Relief is here once again. It seems that only 2 good ideas have come out of this year (1) Jeremy Irons stars alongside French and Saunders in , Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan, (2) Lenny Henry is the voice of the speaking clock. (Dial 123, you know you want to).

Borders opens it's Swansea doors today, but the major discount day seems to be tomorrow. Postman Pat's there too!

Harold (campaign) update: Harold has been the victim of burglary - masterminded by none other than his ladyfriend Ruby Dwyer, to fund her gambling addiction. Will Harold see through her evil ways and listen to the suspicions of his good, and very holy friend Reverend Rosie? Tune in weekdays 1:45 and 5:35 to find out...