Tea and Jaffa Cakes

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Date: 17 March 2003 17:04:00

Well, if I've got a mention on the Wibsite for updating regularly, it doesn't look good when I'm not in the '36 hours list'. Better rectify that. Weekend was good, it mainly consisted of tidying, as Rhys' mam came over to see us. We did get to see Borders in all its glory though, I was impressed enough with the store to part with most of my birthday money there, but Starbuck's tea is a little average. (I know it is unfair to rate coffee specialists by their tea, but it seems to be a fairly accurate measure - and certainly for me as I don't drink coffee).

One of the CDs I bought was Norah Jones' album, I wasn't expecting to like it quite so much, but it seems to have become a new entry into the top playlist in our house. This is possibly because it works well as background music, but it can stand to be actually listened to as well.

Enjoyed church on Sunday morning, Stewart Moulds from WEC was preaching, top marks from the off for mentioning jaffa cakes. To preach on why we should all be involved in world mission, together with a gospel message, and an explanation of true faith is impressive enough anyway. To do so in a way that does not start up a congregation's worth of guilt complexes is doubly so.

Lightbulbs have all been replaced. They'll all go again in a year or so. I'll probably let you know.