Fading into Obscurity

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Date: 20 March 2003 21:43:00

For those that know when I started it, the fact that I am still only just over 1/2 way through 'Jude the Obscure' will be a source of amusement. As a general idea, I have no idea. I don't normally like sex in books, for the reason that is is usually overplayed and tacky, I'd rather that it was just hinted at, but the amount of sexual frustration in this book is getting intolerable. It may be resolved in a satisfactory manner, but I doubt it with Hardy. You can read it for yourself, either by following that link, or buying a copy for a quid practically anywhere, you'll probably finish it before me. Oh well, it's an entertaining enough read. Problem is I looked at the list of Penguin Classics in the back of the book, and identified over 60 that I want to read at some point, so I'd better get a move on really.