Decisions and disturbances

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Date: 25 March 2003 07:44:00

I've made a lot of decisions about what I don't want to do lately, and today was no exception - must start being more useful in my decision making, that is unless I make so many decisions on what I don't want to do that there is only a single alternative left that I must take, but I fear that by then I will be too old and/or exhausted.

Jude the Obscure still isn't finished yet, but managed to be far more disturbing than I first warranted it capable. No explicit sex, but at least the proof of such an action. Please don't read this book if you are feeling down, it will not help.

Yay, we won the spot the wiblog competition, I note that despite bidding wars, neither Wood or Neil seem to have entered. For shame, I think you should buy Ness a copy of the prize as an apology!