Stuff and nonsense

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Date: 30 March 2003 02:32:00

We've tried for ages to keep on top of the house cleaning, and wondered how others manage to keep a check on the pure amount of stuff that builds up in the average household. We have recently discovered the answer to be regular parental visits. Due to changes in circumstances my mother in law is now stopping over with us on some weekends, and it has made us see our mess in a whole new light - ie something that needs to be not there. So although we are frantically tidying this afternoon, it's not as bad as a fortnight ago, and we are making moves to make it even easier in future.

I have set up a TV in front of my exercise bike, so although I am still cycling more slowly and less of a distance than Soo, at least I can do so whilst watching Neighbours!

Dreamed last night that I was in a swimming race against Alan Rickman as part of the Graham Norton show, I woke up before it finished, so I don't know who won. Karen, loved your logic, if anyone can think of any other reasons why Mr Rickman should attend Greenbelt, let me know!