waxing lyrical?

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Date: 31 March 2003 17:53:00

Mother-in-law's visit went fine, we have discovered a shared interest in the Beatles, which seems to have confused Rhys somewhat.

Church was interesting, not the usual place so there was that to contend with, also an 'auto hymnal', and a short piece which seemed to involve pouring wax over a nice tablecloth. Sermon went off topic a little, but everyone was friendly, and we finished in enough time to drive across town and have our after church cuppa at the usual venue.

Lots of positive answers to prayer recently, mainly for others, but those others really needed it, so it's helped my faith along too.

Have been researching healthy weight ranges on the computer, and although I'm slightly above an ideal weight range, I have far less to lose than ivillage suggested. Oh well, back to the exercises then...