goldfish and gusto

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Date: 02 April 2003 16:49:00

OK, I decided not to write this yesterday, what with the date and everything, but there was a goldfish in the middle of my back lawn on Monday. Yes, it was dead.

Decided to finally give up on beating Malfoy in the Harry Potter game, and took about 1/2 an hour to finish the entire thing after that.

We were watching our Red Dwarf series 1 dvd last night, and although I'd heard it before, it still makes me laugh to think that Alan Rickman read for the part of Lister, and was seriously considered. Smeg.

Had a lovely day in town yesterday, drinking lots of tea, and then I got laughed at by Soo for locking myself out. Thanks Neil for the tip-off about the Waterstones sale.

I can now officially cycle 5 miles faster in mph than Soo can cycle 7 miles. The aerobics video is not going so well. As I am too unco-ordinated to do many of the moves, I tend to go for the bits I can do with too much gusto - so my shoulders are killing me.