Only 6 days to go, must be time for another depressing murder ballad

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Date: 27 May 2003 06:32:07

May 26th: Where The Wild Roses Grow.

I've always been a Kylie fan - from the days when she was better known as 'Charlene', and would argue that those early albums are still worthy of a listen. (I also now have the power to delete the comments of anyone who says different.) Her latest album is still great, and although she had a bit of a bad patch, I have generally liked what she has done. So, just because I'm choosing the most folky thing she's ever likely to do doesn't mean I'm ignoring the rest of it. Well anyway, Where The Wild Roses Grow is a brilliant piece, to be found on Nick Cave's 'Murder Ballads' album. It was possibly inspired by this song, but mainly inspired by Kylie, and Mr Cave wanting to write for her. Can't blame him really, it worked really well and, well we can only hope for similar in the future... Meanwhile, here's a clip to listen to. (If you scroll down and click the right song...)