"Does anybody know where the toilet is..?"

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Date: 30 May 2003 02:59:30

May 29th: The Young Ones.

It seems so strange these days that anything like this would ever get in the charts, (or the 'hit parade' as I believe it was then called). I'm not sure why but I kinda like it, I even sat through the film once. The tv show was better, and before you say that that was nothing to do with Cliff, I'd thank you to remember this.

It seems more young ones on the way, as a friend has just officially announced her pregnancy. I'm now resigned to being 'Auntie Lemly' for a while, as kids can never manage to pronounce my real name. Although the originator of 'Lemly', Soo's eldest now calls me 'Nemerly', even though she can say 'Emily' perfectly well now. My favourite was a kid that called me 'Happily' for years, but I'm not sure I ever corrected him!