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Date: 31 May 2003 01:12:01

In homage to the glorious weather...

May 30th: Climbing Up the Sunshine Mountain.

There are lyrics to this on the internet, but all differ slightly (or quite a lot) from the one I learned from Dr Sunshine and Wingnut at Bromyard festival, which went something like this...

We're climbing up the sunshine mountain

Where the pretty breezes blow

We're climbing up the sunshine mountain

Faces all aglow

We're gonna' turn our backs on sorrow

Reach up to the sky

We're climbing up the sunshine mountain

You and I... you and I... You and I.

There were extra verses about different types of mountains like the echo too, but a great song if your end purpose is to get everyone in the room standing on chairs or tables.

I'm not sure of the end purpose of this slide presentation, aside from teaching economics students about indifference analysis by using pears, oranges and sunshine mountains. I was either amused, or possibly just bemused, I'll leave you to decide.