One of those days...

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Date: 06 June 2003 06:05:58

Thanks to Nelly, I don't need to point out that finally Max and Steph got together today on Ramsay Street. Nelly, if you've not discovered the forum on this site yet, please do, you will find you are not the only Max and Steph fan (let me know if you register).

In other happenings today, I spent the morning looking after Soo's bamphires. The eldest, R (3 and a half) sidled up to me mid-morning and asked:

"Auntie Nemerly - it's Christmas now - can we put the Christmas tree up?"

Old enough to comprehend seasonal traditions. Too young to understand that Christmas doesn't happen in June. She seemed quite happy with accompanying my rendition of 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' with some bells she found at the bottom of the toybox.

I also taught her brother the word 'cat', unfortunately to the exclusion of every other word until lunchtime. Oh well, it was quite helpful when a stray cat got into the house.