I don't mean to Bragg...

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Date: 16 June 2003 18:26:26

... but wearing this t-shirt to church yesterday, I got more comments than on anything else I've worn ever. Odd.

Vote of the day in Rhys' comments thread, Wood states that he feels like the last cool man on earth because Rhys and I alphabetised our CD collection. Despite the rather worrying extension to this train of thought being that Rhys was the next-to-last-coolest-man-on-earth, I feel it is time for an opinion poll:

Which is more tragic?

A - alphabetising your CD colletion?

B - constantly monitoring your CD collection so that only the 40 or so 'coolest' CDs are on public view in the living room, and the rest are out of sight in the office?

The comments thread is there to use - vote now! Come on, I've got the advantage over big Brother, it's free!