Always wear an apron when cooking with children in the room...

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Date: 18 June 2003 03:48:35

Soo, her bamphires and I were making her a birthday cake this morning. We decided that 'beat with a wooden spoon for 2 minutes' sounded too much like hard work, and that 'or with an electric whisk for one minute' was the option for us. All went well, we got the whisk going, then R (eldest bamphire, aged 3) held the whisk for a bit until it looked 'smooth and glossy'. Great - now what's the next step? We turn to look at the recipe book, and in that split second, R wonders what happens when she flicks the switch on the whisk again...

Well what happens is that Lemly hears the noise, turns back around, and in the moment it takes to realise what is going on and turn the whisk off, get splattered from head to toe in cake mix!

I didn't yell, but in trying not to laugh, I asked her "R - what have you done?" in a slightly more exasperated tone than usual. R, realising that what happens when you flick the switch is that you cover your friend in batter was inconsolable for a few minutes, until we got it cleaned up, and let her try some of the mix.

Incidentally the cake, especially when layered with chocolate fudge icing (frosting, to anticipate the transatlantic translation) was gorgeous, you can not only see Soo baking in its glow on her own wiblog, if you click her link of the day, you get to see the cake in all its unlit glory too!