It's sunnier today...

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Tags: weather, lunch, games

Date: 01 July 2003 17:20:57

...and so is my mood. Sorry if i guilt tripped anyone into updating any parts of the internet yesterday - you know those days when you are sat at your computer and wanting to see something interesting, and everything just stays the same, and it seems like the internet has finally stopped being interesting? Well that was yesterday, but this is today, and as I said, it's sunnier, so that makes all the difference.

Spent last night learning to play Canasta, which was fun, but had the chance of being more so, had my partner also managed to grasp the point of the game. Never mind, I feel a re-match is in order on Thursday?

In case anyone who normally lunches with me is reading this and expecting to go to lunch sometime this week, please feel free to organise it. I can manage any day except today. Ta.