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Date: 03 May 2007 18:31:45

[yes I did manage to post this and delete it 3 minutes later, if you were wondering]

Our 'artful lodger' is being (hopefully not Miss-)Guided to the second best city in England. She will be very much missed in this house and lots of other places too. Who else will be on hand to help make gluten and dairy free Jaffa Cakes (yes, one of us will blog the photos soon) and any number of other, often doomed projects?

Our local Brownie pack however seemed less bothered by any of this than the fact that they have just lost one Brown Owl, and are now set to lose another before she's even qualified...

Which seems to be where I come in, I have been semi-regularly attending meetings under the name of 'Mushroom' (all Brownie leaders have silly names, I decided to trump them) for the past term, as an extra pair of hands. Whereas I expected it to be just one of those things I do now and again, I have found myself quite enjoying it. So, (perhaps rashly, but I'm not convinced there is ever another option) I have made the decision to train up to become Brown Owl.

Quite a lot has changed since I made my Brownie promise to do my best and do my duty to God, not least the words of that promise. The uniform has changed beyond recognition, as have many of the badges. But it fundamentally remains the same. Soon I will renew my promise and get a new uniform (I'm more than slightly annoyed that the Guide association deem me too old for an official hoody), but for tonight I just need to dig out my old Ranger Guide badge tab, and dust off my promise badge as we are all set for a gardening evening.

Further adventures of Mushroom the Brownie leader will no doubt appear in this space, as I try to recall where one sticks a flag pole and which end is which on a double-twisted sheep bend, but for now, learning their names is my first big Brownie Challenge in over twenty years, wish me luck!