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Tags: music, Greenbelt, books, Billy Bragg

Date: 02 July 2003 18:46:38

Currently listening to the free Aqualung CD that came through the post this morning. I saw the CD on offer on the web, and decided that a preview of one of the Greenbelt acts wouldn't go amiss. And it's actually quite good. Bit whinier than I would normally go for, but I'll probably go and see them at Greenbelt - and it will also help to get good positions for Billy Bragg.

Book Club was good, this month is Brave New World, then it's The Unbearable Lightness of Being for August. The consensus was that we probably wouldn't recommend White Teeth to other readers. So don't bother ;)

Edit - due to some further research I have discovered that Aqualung is not a band, but one bloke - Matt Hales to be precise. So please replace the 'them' in paragraph one with 'him'. Thank you.