OK, let's get this straight

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Date: 07 July 2003 17:38:46

It appears that people think that I need to be told that 'Aqualung' is a Jethro Tull album. Well, I don't, I just figured the comment would be too obvious to make on a wiblog of impeccable music taste. Clearly not, and I apologise. People patently do need to be educated. I suggest here as a good place to start.

A new banner went up in church at the weekend bearing the words "Everything that has breath praise the Lord". I was briefly involved in one of the planning meetings, but they ignored my suggestion of putting a picture of an aqualung on it. It does have a scarily disproportionate squirrel though, and some Good News Bible people.

Wood - I don't consider my music to be whiney - which particular bits were you referring to? Or was that just an attempt to get me back for knocking your music tastes? I which case, fair enough, I won't take it seriously.

Anyway, it's a happy day today. Wimbledon is over, so Neighbours is back from it's fornight's break. Apologies for any bad moods incurred as a result of this two-week break in transmission. All should be well and good by this evening.