Ok, to clarify

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Date: 10 July 2003 21:44:05

this wiblog is not the place to offend people from the West Midlands. For people that are obviously too dimwitted to pick up any contextual clues, it should be stated that I have a large family from that part of the world, many of whom still live there, also a number of friends.

You'd think that people would have the sense when they have just read an entry about accent/dialogue to not then post discriminatory comments about people with a different accent to them. Clearly not.

The Black country dialect with which I grew up with, and indeed the Brummie accent as a whole is one of the most wonderful accents in the British Isles. Lilting and carefree for much of the time, but perfect for sarcastic dry wit - think Lenny Henry, Jasper Carrot, Noddy Holder.

I shall leave the comments on the previous log, so you'll know I'm not ranting about nothing, and perhaps the guilty will repent.